Engage 2012 – artist led residential project

A new experience is about to begin: Bucharest, I’m coming !!!!

Una nuova esperienza sta per cominciare: Bucarest, sto arrivando!!!!

Bucarest, Romania: http://engageinternational.blogspot.it/

Engage 2012 is an artist initiative aiming to bring together artists in a 10-day long collaborative research session. This will take place in Bucharest, Romania, hosted by Bucharest Air, from 16th-25th of March 2012.

The purpose of the encounter is to explore Bucharest city combining individual investigations with a collective process consisting of daily meetings and conversations. The invited artists are encouraged to enter the project through the perspective of their own art-practice. The key issues of the project are ideas of inside(r)/ outside(r), separate/ integrated, subject/ object. During the course of the project the participants will live together in close accommodations provided by Bucharest Air. They are expected to participate in the daily maintenance of the space during this time (ie. basic cooking and cleaning). During each day the participants of the project are expected to go out on their own, exploring the city as individual artists. These experiences, as well as thoughts, ideas or collected ephemera constitute the topics of the conversations later in the evening (or at other times as agreed within the group). The project is dialogue based: It is about being in a dialogue with the city and with the other participants of the engage collective. The participants are not expected to make work during the time of the project, but instead the collective conversations will be recorded with video or audio. This material will be used for a publication and as documentation of the project.