my new film is coming!


My new film IN LIMINE, will be showed from June 14 to September 28, in Neuve-Chapelle (France) during the exhibition « Ligne de Front ».


As part of the commemoration of the First World War centenary, Artois Comm. and Lab-Labanque propose an historical and artistic activities in the territory of the Pas-de-Calais. The «  »Ligne de Front » » project focuses on ten towns which were particularly marked by the Great War.

Coordinated by the Lab-Labanque, this exhibition is carried in partnership with ten towns of the territory, the Espace 36 and Helfaut Dome, the Louvre-Lens Museum. «  »Ligne de Front » » aims enhance the remarkable sites in the area marked by the front line, through artistic interventions and guided tour highlighting the rich local heritage. «  »Ligne de Front » » is an exhibition of historical and pedagogical vocation contextualize the situation of the town during the conflict. These exhibitions and interventions take the form of mobile structures, containers arranged in the municipalities crossed by the front line. Ligne de Front is an artistic, educational and teaching major appointment for a generation that will commemorate the Great War.

«  »Ligne de Front » » connects ten towns of Artois Comm.:
– Neuve-Chapelle
– Richebourg
– La Couture
– Festubert
– Givenchy-lès-la-Bassée
– Cuinchy
– Cambrin
– Auchy-les-Mines
– Haisnes-lès-la-Bassée
– Vermelles

The historical exhibition will present at each step the history of the town while at putting in perspective in the territory of «  »Ligne de Front. » »
The art exhibition brings together eleven contemporary artists who will propose a work echoing the Great War:

– Rossella Piccinno
– Giulia Andreani
– Claude Lévêque
– Tristant Senet & Philippe Manière
– Jan Kopp
– Laurent Sfar
– Olga Kisseleva
– Denis Darzacq
– Dominique Sampiero
– Sophie Ristelhueber

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