Comme dans une bulle


Subject: Rossella Piccinno | Directed by Rossella Piccinno | Editing: Rossella Piccinno | r.t.: 8’28 » | France 2011

Comme dans une bulle from rossella piccinno on Vimeo.


This video is part of the work for the installation “Eruption of the End,” presented in June 2011 during the exhibition “Panorama 13” and produced by “Le Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Arts” in Tourcoing, France. With this interactive video installation (Prix des Amis du Fresnoy 2011), I brought back to life the old chimney of Victor Vaissier’s Congo soap factory, transforming this forgotten ruin in a post-industrial urban no-man’s land into a symbol evoking a collective memory that is repressed or destined to fade. In the installation one can travel between the past and the present through images reflected on the soap bubbles which emerge from the chimney as each visitor enters the space. Here, in the video on two screens “As in a bubble” one can see, edited together, the contents of the past and the present that appear on the installation’s main bubble. To realise it I worked on archive images of the history of the region, and I shot some corresponding images of today which would give an idea of change. Contrasting the flourishing industrial past with the present moment of uncertainty and transition, I worked with people of the community on the concept of inheritance and disinheritance.

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